Good Keeper Farm CSA Membership Sign Up

We encourage you to visit during a CSA pickup to meet us and check out the spread!  

Interested in signing up? Please read over the membership agreement form below for either share you are interested in joining.

Not sure about joining? Check out the Q&A section below and maybe it will help you decide if our CSA is right for you!

Full Diet Shares ARE NOW OPEN! 

How to sign up for a Full Diet Share:

  1. Fill out membership agreement form here and email or mail form back. (We will email an acceptance notice when received)

  2. If accepted, next you can send us your milk order for the following pick up. Milk orders are placed on Monday morning, if you join during the middle of the week there is a chance you won’t get exactly what you ordered.

  3. Once milk order is in, you can start whenever the next convenient pick up is. A brief orientation will be given once you arrive and then you can collect your fresh foods!


How to sign up for a Produce Share:

  1. Fill out membership agreement form here and email or mail form back. (We will email an acceptance notice when received)

  2. Once you receive the acceptance notice you can start picking up at the next convenient CSA pick up!

Pick Up Times for Main Season

Tuesday 2pm - 7pm 

Friday 2pm - 6pm  

We try to be flexible.

If there is a conflict with these pick up times give us a call

To send membership forms, to get on the waiting list or any questions: 

Email us at

One-Week Trial Share

  • Now sure about signing up for a full season? You can sign up for a one week intro share!

  • Price: Based on the size of your household. Every member of the household must join for the one week. You can calculate the cost using the pricing table above.

  • Sign Up: Contact us through the tab above and fill out either the Produce Share Membership Form or Full Diet Share Membership Form on the Sign Up page

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How much do I take if it’s Free Choice?

We ask that you take as much as your think your household will eat in a week. Sometimes we put limits on certain produce when a crop first comes in and we have limited quantities. It takes a few weeks to figure how much your household actually goes through.

Q: How do you monitor how much meat people take?

When members take meat they need to write down how much they take each week. Meat is the most expensive product we produce so we ask that members limit themselves to 2-4lbs of mixed cuts per week/ per member. This is the amount we can sustainably produce for our members. We now offer Organic dry beans for all our members so you can vary your protein consumption.

Q: I have a 4 member household but my husband and son won’t eat anything from the farm, can I sign up for 2 shares?

No. This free choice system best works for families or households that eat together. That means everyone in the household needs to be a member.

Q: How long is the CSA and do I have to come every week?

The CSA is 9 month season that starts May 1st and goes to the last week of January. You get 6 weeks of vacation if you need them. That means if you will be away a week, you need to let us know by the Friday of the week before so we can plan accordingly. If you want to save those vacation weeks you can get a friend or family member to take your place. They must pay for the size of their household. If you use up all your vacation weeks and continue to miss pick ups, you will be charged for those weeks.

Q: Is this CSA the right choice for me?

There are a few things that make this CSA work for the members that join…

1: Members making most of their meals at home. Be it for packed lunches or dinner every night for the whole family members that make many of their meals from home with fresh ingredients find this CSA working for them.

2: If it is convenient for members to make it to the pick up times and days. Some schedules just don’t work for the CSA pick up and if it’s stressful every week trying to make it to the farm you probably won’t enjoy the CSA experience.

3: If you are already or planning on buying mostly Organic or pasture-raised produce and meat at the grocery store. It can be hard to find pastured pork, chicken, turkey and grass-fed beef all in the same place. We make it a little easier by having all of these healthy, clean, local and environmentally focused foods all at one pick-up.

4: Financially Viable. We are very clear from the beginning how much the CSA costs so we expect that when members make the commitment for the season that have taken the time to determine if this is something they can sustain financially for 9 months.