Fresh Pastured Turkey!

You can reserve your fresh turkey now for the week of Thanksgiving!  

HOW are they raised?

Our turkeys are rotated daily on fresh green pasture and fed locally produced GMO-Free grain.   

What size turkey do i need?  

The ratio usually follows, 1 pound of bird for every person guest.  So if you have a gathering of 10 you would want a 10lb turkey.  This also accounts for moderate leftovers.  


Turkeys on Early morning Pasture. 







range of sizes:

12lbs or under      

12lbs - 16lbs    

14lbs - 18lbs

20lbs or larger

Half Turkeys:  5lbs- 10lbs (Price: $6/lb)

how do I order?

Price:  $5/lb

Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey Sign Up Form (Click Here) Email or snail mail back to reserve yours today.


Visit our contact us page and send your name, phone number and size.  Also, indicate where and when you will be picking up. We do require a $25 deposit.  

That can be sent via mail:  

250 Old State Road

Gardners, PA 17324

or brought to Farmers On The Square in Carlisle (Every Wednesday, 3pm to 7pm)


Option #1: On farm: November 25th and the 26th from 1pm to 7pm

Option #2: Nov. 27th, Farmers On The Square, Carlisle from 3pm to 7pm