We are happy to announce a new member of the Good Keeper Farm family!  Leon Axel Lowe was born October 13th, 2017.  We hope to have him out in the fields with us next season, getting his hands dirty and snacking on the freshest of veggies. 

Julie and Matt have worked several years on vegetable and meat farms before buying land and beginning a farm business of their own.  After graduating from Messiah College, Julie served with Americorps as a case worker in Waco, TX.  In college and in Texas, she also nurtured her interest, volunteering at various farms before returning, unintentionally, to her hometown of Mt Holly Springs and managing Earth Spring Farm, which was in fact the very property Matt and Julie bought three years later.  

They met for the first time at this farm in the background of the wedding photo.

Matt worked in the live theater industry in San Francisco for several years after graduating from Haverford College.  A friend's study of nutrition and land use piqued his own interest, and this quickly led to full-time working and learning about growing plants and animals. He moved back east, spending seasons at Radical Roots in Harrisonburg, Va, North Mountain Pastures in Newport, and joining Julie at Earth Spring farm, where the plan for Good Keeper Farm took shape.  

We are privileged and thankful to have the support of our community, families, mentors, and customers