We grow using ORGANIC practices!

Our Animals

All our animals are raised on pasture.  We want to put them in an environment in which they can use their specific physical strengths, for example; pigs moved on regular new grasses will dig and devour roots, grubs and other insects.  They also have access to green vegetation which keeps their diets balanced.  By creating a space for them to be themselves we find that they are happier and healthier. 

Our Produce

We grow a rich variety of vegetables, including many for winter storage.  Varieties suited to storage are called "good keepers."  To achieve top quality, we focus first on the ongoing process of growing living soil.  Careful stewardship of diverse soil life unlocks nutrition for plants and nurtures enemies of crop pests and diseases.  We also select resistant varieties and do some seed saving to pass on genes of the most successful plants.  We use physical barriers such as "row cover" to exclude challenging bugs like cucumber beetles and flea beetles.  Crop rotation and other traditional practices contribute to these efforts.

We use no herbicides.  We rely instead on cultivation (disturbing soil to kill weed seedlings, aka hoeing) and mulches (plant material, plastic sheeting, and landscape fabric) to reduce weed competition for crop plants.  

Our Fruit


Our tree fruit is grown by Three Springs Fruit Farm which is just 15 minutes down the road from us!  They use the growing technique of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  Blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries we provide and are grown spray free!




Our Eggs


Our laying hen flock is rotated on new pasture where they forage for bugs, grass and seeds.  They have a mobile shelter that is on wheels that provides the hens boxes to lay eggs and roosting posts.  

Our Bread

Our bread is from bakery and flour mill Talking Breads located in Shermansdale, PA.  They bake old world European breads using high quality freshly milled, organic flours, whole grain, whole wheat, rye and spelt flours.

Our gluten free bread is from Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery in Lancaster, PA.  All of their products are made in a 100% dedicated gluten free facility. 

Our Dairy

Produced by Apple Valley Creamery, a small family run dairy in East Berlin, PA.  Their milk is Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) and provide everything from raw milk, whole milk, skim milk, 1.5% milk, chocolate, mocha milk, heavy cream and half & half creamer.  When you pick up your CSA share you order your milk for the following week.  They come in quarts or half gallons and all milk is bottled in glass so you simply return your bottle the following week and we provide you a full one